The Phantom Menace 1999

The first of the prequels and the start of our flashback, “The Phantom Menace” is personally not a required watch when going through the saga. That Episode 1 was a colossal disappointment would be an understatement and as such I’m not going to take the time to review it in depth so this is going to be a quick fire set of impressions.


The Good

Liam Neeson and Ewan McGregor: The two main characters were ultimately well cast as Liam Neeson has a well-established track record in mentor rules bringing the necessary gravitas and intensity. While McGregor is an excellent character although he doesn’t really come into his own until Episode 2 where Obi Wan’s character is more prominent but it’s a starting point.

Double sided lightsabres: A minor inclusion in the film there is a reason why they make an appearance in nearly every Star Wars game since. Simple fact two blades look better than one.

Pod Race scene: The highpoint of special effects in the film and surprisingly well scripted with clear ebbs and flows to build tension. Film editing is also important here as the cuts between different pilots, the track and the crowed give it that sense of excitement.

Final duel: Undoubtedly the only part of the climax that works as it says away from any attempt at humour. The three-way battle is possibly the best technical lightsabre duel on film as the combats exchange blows as the move amongst the different levels of the palace before the drama of the force fields makes the necessary change needed to lead to a result.

The Bad

Target audience: The largest misstep in the production of the film is trying to capture a young audience. Ultimately this attempt motivated the introduction of simplistic comic relief and a lack of depth. Perhaps the most disappointing element is that this was totally unnecessary as the original trilogy has always proven to engage young people, I’m living proof.

Young Anakin: This isn’t really Jake Lloyds fault as the dialogue didn’t really do him any favours and his character was often positioned to deliver a contrived source humour. He does succeed in creating a sense of sympathy but this could easily have been enhanced by taking the slavery angle more seriously and developing some emotional baggage.

The storyline: Even after the completion of the prequel trilogy “The Phantom Menace” stands aloof from the rest of the saga. Since the storyline doesn’t develop in either of the next movies and they are necessarily separated by several years. In addition, too much of the events in episode 1 are the result of coincidence as the band have to make an emergency landing on Tatooine, where the happen to meet Anakin at Watto’s shop who just happens to have the rare parts they need. Star Wars have a get out clause in this situation as characters are guided by the Force however the original trilogy does not rely on this to cover bad script writing.

Darth Maul: In many ways the most visible villain of the film is a great example of what’s wrong with Episode 1, absolutely no development. Nearly no lines and only a handful of scenes there is no real hint at backstory, motivation or much agency. If it wasn’t for the double bladed lightsabre he would be completely forgettable.

The Ugly

Jar Jar Binks: do I need to say any more? The horror, the horror!!

Overall if it wasn’t a Star Wars movie perhaps I wouldn’t be so harsh but it had a lot to live up to and failed completely. Hopefully it has been a lesson to J.J  Adrams and Disney ahead of “The Force Awakens” so that history doesn’t repeat itself.



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