Attack of the Clones

A large improvement on Episode 1 the second instalment in the prequel series clearly learnt from its predecessor failures. Despite the progress it is nowhere near the level of the original trilogy still has a few really obvious flaws.

The most noticeable difference between “Attack of the clones” and “The Phantom Menace” is the overall tone. Gone is the simplistic humour and attempt to target a young audience as the film has a more grown-up feel. It shows character development and dispenses with the endless procession of coincidences and stereotypes. A perfect example of this is Count Dooku played by Christopher Lee who in contrast to Darth Maul has some backstory as Yoda’s former padawan. Yet, even despite this progress Dooku lacks the screen presence of Darth Vader and has a limited role in the film.
“Attack of the Clones” makes a clear attempt to model itself on the original trilogy. An opening rush of adrenaline with the pursuit through Coruscant before a period of development and investigation leading to a final climatic battle. In addition, the film follows the format of “The Empire Strikes Back” by developing alternating plots in the love story between Padmé and Anakin while Obi-Wan is busy investigating the cloners on Kamino.
Beyond the format the film also makes an effort to engage long term fans by making references to the originals. The most obvious of which is the introduction of Jango Fett as the template for the clone armour. However, as a dedicated fan I prefer the subtler homages like Obi-Wan’s use of an asteroid or his confrontation with the assassin in a bar. These are the types of things that make diehards feel satisfied when a new film is added to a pre-existing franchise.
The major weakness of “Attack of the Clones” is the development of the love story. This side of the plot is noticeably more superficial than Obi-Wan’s investigation of the assassination attempt. In part this is due to Hayden Christensen and his petulant teenager approach to the role which detracts from his ability to command our attention like Ewan McGregor. This is not assisted by the reliance on clichéd scenes that just don’t fit in a Star Wars movie. While feeling out of place these scenes also impact pacing as the film does drag a little at times, something that was never a problem with the original trilogy.
Undoubtedly the highlight of the film is the protracted final battle and the beginning of the clone wars. At first this sees Obi – Wan, Anakin and Padmé fighting for survival against a collection of exotic predators before the arrival of the Jedi offers a false sense of hope before they are overwhelmed by the droid armies. The arrival of the clones is not unexpected and saves the remaining Jedi but as Yoda points out has played into the hands of the Sith. The real surprise comes in the form of the more personal battle between Yoda and Dooku as it challenges our preconceptions and limitations of the character much like he did in his first encounter with Luke on Dagobah in “Empire Strikes Back.”
Overall “Attack of the Clones” was definitely a move in the right direction after the disappointment of Episode 1 and did definitely increase our expectation for the final instalment.



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