Believe the Hype: Star Wars Battlefront

The gaming news of the week has been the release of the Star Wars Battlefront Beta and the opportunity for Star Wars geeks like me to jump in to our favourite galaxy far, far away before the November 17.  Despite a busy week I managed to squeeze in a quick half hour or so to test it out, so here are my first impressions.

If you haven’t been excited by Battlefront it’s time to believe the hype. Game play follows a similar style to the Battlefront 2 one the original Xbox and PS2 with a few new features and a welcome upgrade in graphics. The biggest change is the first person format which is now standard except for hero’s. Moving away from the third person game play makes it harder for players to see their surroundings and makes online multiplayer more intense as blaster fire rapidly comes from everywhere. This is obvious playing walker assault with the 20/20 format of this iconic moment in the Star Wars universe becoming a rush of adrenaline with enemies closing in quick it takes a few goes to really get the hang of it. Despite my first few deaths coming in quick succession the intensity of the experience had me ready to spend hours building my skills, if only I had the time.

The beta also provides access to a sample of the games survival mode based on everyone’s favourite dust bowl, Tatooine. As you can see from clip below it’s a pretty simple format with enemies coming in waves in increasing difficulty. Limited in the beta to 6 waves the full version will test gamers with 15 waves of enemies which I can’t even fathom at the moment because while the first wave was pretty easy by wave six your fighting an AT-ST and a squad of Stormtroopers. Along with single player, survival can be played in co-op but only having tested it out briefly by myself I’m not sure how well the difficulty scales if at all to accommodate the second player which is something l’ll test out in more detail with the full version. This little clip below gives me the opportunity to talk about one of the other major developments, the addition of power ups. Including portable shields, vehicle torrents, jet packs or a variety of hand held weapons like grenade launchers it definitely makes the game more interesting as not only does it change the way you take on enemies but especially in multiplayer games it will be a race to the little blue emblems. There’s more to talk about but this is just a taste of what Battlefront has to offer so I’m not going into to much detail.

Overall I’ve definitely seen enough to pick my copy up on the 17th of November which to be honest was already the case when it was announced due to my experience with Battlefront 2 and my obsession with Star Wars. Even so from my experience I think Battlefront will actually appeal to people who aren’t necessary fans of the film due to the intensity of the Game play especially in multiplayer. Make sure to check back in November for my full review.

May the force be with you,


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